Peking Roast Duck Special Offer

Classical Peking Roast Duck

烤鸭晚市特价 5pm-10pm
北岸店 周一 $38 周二 $48 周三 $58
中区店 周三 $38 周四 $48 周五 $58


Contact information

Address Phone
Hua’s Restaurant
408 Khyber Pass Road
(09) 522 5000
(09) 520 7838
325 Albany Highway
(09) 415 8886 (09) 415 8883

Welcome to Hua’s Restaurant

Hua’s Restaurant is the first ever creative Chinese cuisine in Auckland.

Peking roast duck is the Hua’s restaurant's signature dish. At the same time adhering to the traditional, the taste is also improved, being accepted by more and more people from different countries. Sauces and side dishes are all have new breakthroughs.


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